Recommended readings

There are some books that have gotten a ton of attention as the most trusted “how-to” titles out there. Just about everyone in the business agrees that the three above are worth reading:

From Dissertation to Book by William Germano
Getting it Published by William Germano
How to Write A Lot by Paul J. Silvia

It’s a short list, and I recommend the investment.

Readings about academic publishing

There are so many important readings out there about how to get published, how to think about and confront bias in the world of academic publishing, and more. Below is a brief bibliography to get you started.


The Guardian: “How to Get Published in an Academic Journal: Top Tips From Editors (January 2015) 

Scholarly Kitchen (from the “Publishing 101” Series): “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Conference Proceedings but were Afraid to Ask”, 2020.

How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive you Academic Writing, Paul J. Silvia, American Psychological Association Press, 2019.

Inside Higher Ed: “Advice for the Community College Scholar” by Sean Gerrity (at Hostos), 2019.


Inside Higher Ed: “When Journals Play Favorites,” Colleen Flaherty (March 2018) 

Psychology Today: “Racism and Academic Publishing,” Monnica T. Williams (July 2020) 

Scholarly Kitchen: 

“On Being Excluded: Testimonies of People of Color in Scholarly Publishing” Two Part Series (April and May 2018), Part I and Part II

“An Antiracist Framework for Scholarly Publishing” by Niccole Coggins, Jocelyn Dawson, Melanie Dolechek, Gisela Concepción Fosado (August 2020)


Applied Linguistics: “Confronting Epistemological Racism, Decolonizing Scholarly Knowledge: Race and Gender in Applied Linguistics,” (June 2019) Ryuko Kubota 

 Communication and Critical Cultural Studies: “Disciplinary Containment: Whiteness and the Academic Scarcity Narrative,” by Lisa A. Flores and Logan Rae Gomez(May 2020).

Learned Publishing:Demographics of Scholarly Publishing And Communication Professionals” by Albert N. Greco, Robert M. Wharton, and Amy Brand (February 2016)

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